Any fan will tell you, Regular Show is far from "regular," it's downright awesome! Some pretty weird events have happened among this wacky cast of characters, but we're looking for the most oddly awesome Regular Show moments that you can think of! Whether it's one of Benson's angry freakouts, or a Hot Dog eating himself completely out of existence, we want to know some of the weirdest, but strangely amazing, things that YOU remember from the series.

With over six seasons and almost 200 episodes to choose from, the possibilities are endless! Share your weirdest and/or most awesome Regular Show fan facts in the comments below -- and bonus points for clever animated GIFs!

Here's an example:

A memorable weird moment was one of the Hot Dogs
eating itself out of existence!

Meat Your Maker - Hotdog eats itself

Make sure you check back here to see if your submission made the final cut!

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