You’ve handpicked your perfect “Fellowship.” You’ve named it and made a passionate plea as to why your team is the best. Now... let the quest to Mordor begin!

But be warned. Along the way you’ll be faced with a number of obstacles... obstacles in the form of user votes. That’s right; we’re pitting your various “Adventure Dream Teams” against each other in a massive bracket tournament, through 12 rounds of voting (see voting schedule at right) until only one is left standing.

A word about voting: Initial face-offs (a series of polls pitting two teams against each other) have been bracketed in no particular order. Subsequent rounds are based on your votes. Your responsibility as a voter is to look at the two teams in each poll and -- in the best way you can (here’s your opportunity to put all that geek knowledge to good use!) -- determine which “character make-up” is the most likely to succeed in marching across Middle-earth and destroying the One Ring in the fires of Mordor.

A word about your Fellowships: Some teams were submitted with less than nine members. In those instances, we’ve gone ahead and added characters from our “Designated Hitters” list to fill out the incomplete rosters. The appropriate number of needed characters was pulled from our list starting with number one and working down toward number nine. The Wikia “Designated Hitters” list includes: 1) Lord Voldemort; 2) Tyrion Lannister; 3) T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator); 4) Agent Smith (from The Matrix); 5) Khal Drogo; 6) Tron; 7) Alice (from the Resident Evil films); 8) Cmdr. Spock (from Star Trek); 9) Eric Northman (from True Blood).

So with that said: “May the Force Be With You.” “Assemble!” “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” Whatever your epic tagline may be, good luck!

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