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Round Two winners with percentage of votes:

*Due to a scheduling error, Demons Run should not have been in a 3-way match this round. Since we are looking for 1 clear victory and 1 clear defeat per match, we are adding Demons Run to the next round in a regular 1-on-1 match.


Heroes of the Planet
"It has everything needed for a team. Together nothing can stop them."
Ff versus
Chaos Alpha
"I have thought of a great combination, healers, powerhouses and high-flyers. Zafreeti from Backyard Monsters and Wendy from Fairy Tail will be the healers. Optimus Prime and Unicron from Transformers, Hulk from Avengers and Korath from Backyard Monsters are the powerhouses. Unicron (also) and Spider-Man are the high-flyers. Mighty Dragon from Angry Birds is a powerhouse and a high-flyer at the same time. Ben Tennyson from Ben10 (Ultimate Alien) can turn into the greatest aliens at the right situation (except for when sometimes his omnitrix lags or makes mistakes -- he can still rethink into it. That is why this is the ultimate 'Adventure Dream Team.'"
The DOG named JAKE


Team Creatures
"It is because it is almost unstoppable this team. "
Ff versus
"Indiana Jones is there to scavenge ancient elven and mankind ruins such as Fornost, Ithilien, Weather Top, and Barrow Downs. He provides safe places to hide and places to scavenge. They may find anything, from temporary allies, to ancient weapons and lore, such as spell books and secrets. Next we have Gandalf. He was chosen for obvious reasons (to me anyway). He knows most to all of the tongues (languages) of Middle-earth so he could be a linguist for westron, sindarin, dwarvish, and various forms of writing. He also is a mage so he can call forth great storms and infernos. He is, lastly, well respected by most of Middle-earth so he will make the group more likely to be taken seriously by the people of Middle-earth than if a bunch of strangers just randomly showed up.'Leliana is an archer and a thief. A deadly combination in and out of battle. She can slip into combat if necessary with twin daggers or use a long bow and take out the enemy from a distance. The thief is useful because she fits right in with Indiana Jones. Ancient traps and locks will be dismantled, picked, and disarmed by Leliana. Hephaestus is the Greek god of fire, metal-working, stone-masonry, sculpture and volcanism. He can use raw materials to fashion just about anything. He can supply arrows, swords, armor, shields, and other things the group needs by making use of scavenged scrap metal from enemies.'"


Final Fighters
"I believe this is a good combination of talent all rolled into one package. With the hard hitters like Cloud Strife, Sora, and Scorpion taking the lead. Nothing would be able to get on them, and even if they do they'd have to contend with a magical lineup of Eragon and Luke. These two are not only formidable with magic but also can hold there ground in melee combat, while getting magical support from Hermione Granger. She also provides the intelligence for the group with a vast knowledge of mystical information that may prove useful if the need ever arrived. Selene and Katniss would be excellent hunters and/or scouts for the group. Since Selene is a capable fighter and Katniss is an amazing marksman the two of them could also be deployed as a guerrilla team to take out enemies. Last but not least is Marty, while he maybe the weakest out of the group he is fast on his feet and has natural instinct that he can use if he ever found himself in a tight bind, as well as knowledge of time travel."
Ff versus
Marvel Metahumans
"Multiple Man can learn swordplay, and then we have a veritable army. Thor was raised by a warlike people, fighting is in his blood and he was trained to be a warrior. Wolverine can heal and cut through all the metals in Middle-earth except maybe Mithril. He also does not age so he could continue the quest for as long as he needed to. Goliath is different. He can grow to be a massive giant. He could merely step over walls and kick enemies across the field. Trolls would feel the way a man does in a Man vs. Troll fight. Magneto can take all armor and weapons from their enemies and make shields and repair walls with it in seconds. Mystique is the perfect stealth operative. She could travel into cities to get supplies without worrying about getting the ring into a city where it will cause trouble. The Human Torch can merely fly above the battle and burn the orcs and goblins to a crisp. Dr. Strange can learn the native magic and use both his and Middle-earth's magics. Middle-earth cannot predict his moves because they don't know what powers he possesses. And lastly, Jean Grey. She would be the healer and also a powerhouse, when you take Phoenix into account. She also has telekinesis so she can make sure the others that can't fly get across chasms and block arrows with telekinetic barriers. Overall, a team that, if all working together, could devastate the field of battle."


Team Ultramus
"I feel that I have created a great team. Gandalf provides magic and wisdom. Manny, being a mammoth, is very big and strong. And he is smart. Very clever. A great mixture of brains and brawn. He's also a life-saver. If any members are in danger, he comes to the rescue. And he can give rides. Ash Ketchum is quite a hero. He has a good heart and would willingly help others, human and non-human. He has Pokemon to help if needed. He is agile, making him a great scout. And he has Aura and a connection to Legendaries.''Avatar Aang can provide both elemental powers and spiritual wisdom.

Lara Croft is a warrior... skilled at martial arts and using guns. If she uses iron bullets, she would prove deadly to demons since iron is fatal to demons. And she is a great archaeologist which would help in ancient ruins. Stitch is invulnerable and super-strong enough to lift 300 times his weight, making him a perfect warrior. And he's clever, too, which helps to strategise in combat. Captain America is a skilled soldier and strategist. And he has a shield of vibranium which can save lives. Martha Jones is a skilled fighter. And she is a skilled medic which would help heal others of wounds.

Astro Boy is super-strong, and armed with weapons. And he can fly with jets. Very useful if against tough foes.'"
Sam Cook
Ff versus
Dragonfire Team
"The Dunmer character is good in magic, fight and stealth, and Legolas is the best archer in Middle-earth.Thor is a god, and is a great fighter. Yoda and Darth Maul can use lightsabers and strong spells, and Terminator in an indestructible cyborg. Selene is a vampire that can stay at the sun's light and she's good in stealth and Michael Corvin is half-vampire and half-werewolf and he can destroy a lot of enemies. Private Daniel Jackson is a sniper, and he can kill silently very much enemies."
Power metaller 97


Raven's Talon
"I feel like I have some good choices here. Aragorn, Zelda and Hildgard are all pretty great leaders, and have fought evil forces before. Sora and Link are excellent fighters, and Sora is pure of heart to wield a keyblade, making him the most likely to bear the ring, if not for Link. Link is pure of heart, and is extremely brave, and would probably be the ring-bearer, and if not him, Sora. Ike is powerful, and is strong enough to wield Ragnell with one hand. Murtagh and Starkiller the brute force. Starkiller once held up an Imperial-Class Star Destroyer with the force, led a one-man assault on the Death Star, and defeated a Jedi Master, and Darth Vader in single combat. Murtagh fought Eragon in a duel, and found that they were dead even. He also was powerful enough to slay Oromis. Mat is a smart guy, but his luck, his skill at fighting would make him a wonderfully productive member of the Fellowship."
Ff versus
Pingu's Fist
Gandalf and Palpatine are the Nukers. They can unleash devastating attacks that could destroy any army. Luke Skywalker would bear the ring from the Shire to the black gates, as he is Uncorruptible. Then, Lord Voldemort would hop on Toothless and throw himself to the Cracks of Doom. As his Horrocruxes haven't been destroyed, he wouldn't be dead, destroying the ring, but leaving his soul untouched. Inu-Yasha and Jango are the fighters. Give them a battle plan, and they will execute it (Jango also gives battle plans) Kirby is a front-line trooper. He can suck up the arrows and then either turn into Bowman Kirby or throw a rain of their own arrows to the enemy. And Darth Plaeguis, last but not least, is the healer. He can heal and revive anyone but himself.


Heavens Fury
"This team has experienced some of the worst situations and can withstand Mordor and its horrors."
Ff versus
The Dream Team
"I believe that this team is the Adventure Dream Team because I picked some of the most powerful characters in comic history."


The Fearsome Foursome
"With a great balance of humans and non-humans (50/50), this is a very well-rounded group that covers each and every skill necessary to journey to Mt. Doom and cast the One Ring into the inferno. First with Roland Deschain: He is the epitome of a traveler on a quest, having been on one for more than a thousand years in the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. His ruthlessness and willingness to kill to meet his goals makes him a very dangerous adversary. Next with Morgoth: He is the most powerful of the Ainur ("Holy Ones") and the only one to turn to evil. His role in shaping Arda the world we know it in the Lord of the Rings is incredible. He was greater even than Sauron, ordering him around before Sauron himself gained power much, much later. Morgoth brings to the group a mystical sense of power as well as incredible strength; and being an immortal spirit doesn't hurt one's chances either. He is perfect for bringing the ring to Mordor because he himself knew Sauron, and is ready to bring him under himself once again. Batman has the technological know-how of the group along with his intellectual and physical prowess. He can solve problems quickly and provide a high technological foundation that the orcs and trolls cannot hope to compare to. Where he falters (the unwillingness to kill) the other three group members will gladly jump in. Finally with Megatron; you may be wondering why I would not choose Optimus, who is all around more likeable. All I have to say is, think of the terrain in Middle-earth, especially Mordor. Rocky and Mountainous. I really do not think a Peterbilt truck has any chance when compared to an alien plane or tank (based off the movies). Megatron shows no mercy and stops at nothing to get what he wants. Put together, the group is a nice balance between Large and Small, Good and Evil; but for this quest, the only goal is to get the One Ring to Mt. Doom. This is just the group to complete that task!"
Ff versus
"This team consists of the ultimate hero. There is no evil. Only pure goodness surrounds this team."


"This team is great as it has special ops (in my mind anyway). Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries, Clank, and Bently can help tremendously on the technical side of things for navigation, analyzing the various things the team will find on it's journey, and how to defeat any enemies the team will encounter, aside from using brute force that is. So if in need of force, Mace Windu and Sly Cooper can easily come into play. Sly will be able to keep a hold on the ring as well because, obviously he's a thief so holding onto the valuables will be no problem. There's always an old man of the group, but this one has multiple old folks! Sully, Samos, and Grams will not only provide the wisdom and remedies for injuries that will undoubtedly be needed along the way but would certainly provide for the best comic relief along the way. Finally, this team is named Mirage because they may seem to be a rag-tag group that may or may not work but I assure you they'd pull it together and destroy the One Ring. "
Culture Bot
Ff versus
"Frodo is a Hobbit, used to things like destroying a ring. Aragorn for the same reasons. Plus a small Hobbit is good at sneaking around. Ulfric is a born leader, and his combat skills will be helpful in fending off Nazgul and Uruk-Hai. Eragon and Saphira are the most talented warriors of the bunch. Saphira's got fire-breathing and Eragon has a lot of talent and magic. The Dragonborn will be a big help with his Thu'um and skills. Ezio's assassin skills would be invaluable with his hidden blade and sword skills. Harry Potter is the most skilled wizard ever, other than Dumbledore himself. His spells combined with Saphira's flames would kill anyone with but two words: Avada Kedavra. Same with Dumbledore. Like Gandalf, but younger and with a wand. Ulfric is a born leader with his shouting and axe. This group will take down Sauron with ease, and everyone in Middle-earth will be free!"

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