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Johnystoo's Heroes
"This is the ultimate Adventure Dream Team because they are among the most powerful warriors throughout fiction. Link would be the ring bearer primarily. Kil'Jaeden, The Lich King, and The Queen of Blades all have enormous armies at their disposals, in addition to their own extreme powers. Captain Planet has the powers of earth, fire, wind, water, and HEART. Master Chief has the tactical and technological advantage. Gandalf knows the way, knows Middle-earth, comes back to life if he dies, and was there in the original Fellowship. The Doctor is a timelord so he can go back or forward in time and has the light-hearted humor and infinitely advanced technology. Lastly, Superman. Personally I don't like him, but I have to admit he's powerful and could probably do it all alone, especially since there's no kryptonite in Middle-earth. This is also of course assuming that the sun of Middle-earth is yellow and grants Superman his powers."
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The Impossible Ones
"I was very shy of even making this team, simply because they are in my view a team that most modern day humans would probably have no idea who they were, nor the fact any of these literal characters are actually pre-generated, but I would love in every way to see them even looking in awe at one another assembled and saying what kind of idiot would even think of bringing any of us all together.
Team Hyperspace


Cyber Fantasy
"Persistence. That is the thing that each of these members has in common: persistence against overwhelming odds, and that is one thing that will make them the perfect team. Never giving up and always looking forward, the first ones to act when something stands in their way. Marcus, Leon, and Jackie are on the first line; each of them can attack from a distance with guns, but each are also effective up close -- Marcus with the chainsaw, Leon with his hand-to-hand fighting skills, and Jackie with The Darkness. Legolas and Master Chief would take up the rear, Legolas with his bow and the Chief with the sniper rifle, capable of destroying any enemy with a single shot. Clarke and Freeman are useful on the battlefield, but are also the most intelligent of the group. They create the plans of action, and are very resourceful. Sam Fisher is both the spy and interrogator; able to quietly kill enemies from behind or force information out of them. Commander Shepard is the voice of the group, able to gain trust quickly, giving more allies to the Fellowship."
Ff versus
"Ultimate magic powers, ancient arcane knowledge, elemental manipulation, reality warping, expert martial arts, noble characters and dutiful demeanors. All these combined can simply march through Mordor undisturbed. What's more, none of the above would bend to the temptation of wearing the ring, as they are well aware of the consequences of power abuse and lack of control. But even if that would be the case, the rest of the team is more than capable of taking down the ring-bearer and completing the task. Not only will the Ring find its rightful place in the pits of Mount Doom, but the whole of Middle-earth will be restored to its former glory and prosperity as these heroes walk through its lands. So, bring it on Sauron!"


Mythic Team
"They are all amazing soldiers plus The Dragonborn is a legendary dragon-slayer, which would come in handy in Middle-earth. Like I said, The Dragonborn is a dragon-slayer, Noble 6 saved reach, Master Chief defeated the Covenant, The Rookie is one of the best ODSTs, John Forge is good with coming up plans and The Security Officer defeated the Pfhor."
Ff versus
Demons Run
"Because not only does it combine four different fandoms, it has all of the best people these fandoms have to offer. The Doctor? Yeah. Hermione? Got her. These are top-notch fictional characters, built to solve problems and defeat enemies with skill."


Sons of the Eagle
  • Tomor (from the Tale of Tomori and Shpiragu)
  • Gjeto Basho Muji
  • Sokol Halili (from the Songs of Frontier Warriors)
  • Gjergj Elez Alia
  • The Mountain Fairy (from The Highland Lute)
  • Milosao (from the Songs of Milosao)
  • Costantin (from Costantin and Doruntine)
  • Princes Argjiro
  • The Earthly Beauty
"Firstly, all the characters are borrowed from Albanian Mythology or from works of Albanian writers. Why is this the ultimate "Adventure Dream Team?" Because Tomor is the Father of All Gods and Men, while The Earthly Beauty is his wife and also a very powerful fairy who can transform herself into a vampire. They are the direct enemies of Saurus. Gjergj Elez Alia would be the wise old man of the group, with combating abilities too. Costantin is the one who kept his promise even after he died, by coming back to life. So he is the super-man of the team and the loyal guy. The Mountain Fairy would be a much-needed asset in Middle-earth. She has a lot of abilities, most notably, killing people by freezing them, giving powers to the people she likes, and going into long distances in a short time. Gjeto Basho Muji and Sokol Halili are of course the most famous brothers of Albanian mythology and Albanian pop culture. They were two normal guys, but then they both took powers from the Mountain Fairy. Skills and strength are best represented by these two. Milosao and Argjiro are the two normal humans of the team. Milosao is the Prince of Shkodra (the biggest city of Northern Albania) in Jeronim De Rada's "Songs of Milosao." Argjiro is the Princess of Gjirokastra (a town in Southern Albania protected by UNESCO) in Ismail Kadare's "Princess Argjiro." They are destined to be the rulers of Middle-earth after defeating the evil forces. So my team has characters from both mythology and literature, from Northern (Gheg) and Southern (Tosk) Albanian culture, from Illyrian and post-Illyrian myths. Strength, skills, abilities, brains, and of course the loyalty to protect the Ring are all represented in this team, which I think is the best!!! And one more thing. These guys are the best suitable to the world of Middle-earth as they do not come from comic books or movies full of the madness and the violence of 20 and 21 centuries. Instead they come from the national conscience of Albanians and from the works of the best Albanian writers, from the beginning of times till today. They come from forests and holy mountains. They come from stone cities, from the blue skies and seas. They protect their honor, their families, their people and their nation. They keep their word, even by coming back from the dead. If Tolkien would have to choose other characters for his Fellowship, these would be the perfect ones."
Ff versus
Silverash Crusade
If I must talk clearly, I didnt want to take men or dwarves to my journey (but I did), I am thinking that the most important thing in my team must be the wisdom. The champions of my team must have a really strong will. I took 3 men (and a dwarf) to my journey . But we can say that these are the strongest (and wisest) ones of their kind. Elrond, Glorfindel and Gandalf are the brains of my team. No one can say anything about their wisdom. I took Alleria because I think my team needs a range-weapon-user. And Alleria may be the best archer in the Warcraft series.Tirion Fording is replacing Aragorn in my journey. He proved himself with the battle against Lich King.


The Lee Team
"Because they are all very good with weapons and hunting, which would make them a great adventure team."
Lee grimes
Ff versus
The Ring Breakers
"Well, I think this team is a pretty solid one, most of them are able to resist influences far better than normal people, three of them are excellent strategists and fighters (Jing, Bobby, Drizzt,). And it's a fairly well-rounded team:
  • Thief: Jing, Kir
  • Ranger: Drizzt
  • Marksman: Protoman
  • Fighters: Bobby, Fighter
  • Heavy Fighter: Thing
  • Magic-Users: Dr. Strange, Wendy
  • Healer: Wendy
I figured if the goal was more or less to reenact the Lord of the Rings, you would need strong will power to resist the temptations of the Ring, as well as guile to get to the destination quickly and without being noticed. Obviously its not without encounters, thus you need fighting skills, plus magic and healing are always nice to have when traveling in a fantasy setting."


The Geeks
No explanation given.
Sean Bruen
Ff versus
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Yeah!
"Hmm. Well, I think that this is the Adventure Dream Team because I have a mixture of real and fantasy characteristics for starters. Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman would obviously be the bravies of the group ,whilst Flippy (off Toontown Online,) Super Mario, Spongebob and Shrek could be the comedians of the team. Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, can be the Protecter; she is REALLY strong and could fight easily to win. Harry Potter could bring a bit of spells too!"


Apocalyptic Resolution
"Well, I guess we could say one thing for sure... They probably would not destroy the ring folks, and as for working as a team... it would be a sight to behold. By golly, if this group fights they would probably win, at the cost of the world probably. Morgoth is raw power, Black Knight has blessed armor, Bramimond is darkness, Death Wing... world ender, Kishin... ya same thing. Bartimaeus is the clever sneaky one, Witch King... is the Witch King, Darth Rivan is the rep from Star Wars and pretty strong himself. Tom Bombadil... group moral and just because he is an enigma. I mean come on. All in all this is pretty much a power house team that if could not win a fight would probably just destroy the world instead."
Ff versus
Slytherin's Basilisk
"Well I chose Tahu from Bionicle because his fire powers will come in handy when battling the Ringwraiths. And Batman and Ghostface represent the teams stealth. And Pac-Man and Spider-Man have the speed on the team. Loki and Gandalf are great assets on the team because they have magical powers which will come in handy when they're in Mordor. The Hulk and Darth Malgus have the power and the strength on the team."


Femmes Fatales
"This is this the ultimate "Adventure Dream Team" because it's full of butt-kicking females that can handle any situation and look good in it too. What's better than a room full of succubuses?"
Ff versus
Task Force 42

"Some of the strongest and smartest characters to come out of fiction.

  • Sebastion: the demonic butler to Ceil Phantomhive is super fast and acrobatic, insanly strong, and imposible to kill.
  • Monky D. Luffy: He is a Rubber man which lets stretch himself and is super strong, he is also fiercely loyal to his friends and stops at nothing to complete is goal.
  • Gorden Freeman: 'Nuff said there
  • Jack O'Neill: a member of SG-1, had the repertory of the most advanced civ the galaxy has ever seen downloaded into his brain twice, skilled with firearms and military tactic and command.
  • The Doctor: The last timelord, who has travled Time and Space for many years, while he doesn't fight he would be the brains of the group
  • Pinkie Pie: Can break physics and the fourth wall, carries her party cannon with her
  • Kratos: killed gods
  • Medic: Can heal his allied, and can turn them invincible
  • Starkiller: a powerful Jedi/Sith can pull down a Stardestroyer with the force"
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